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Medicare to Increase Patient
Retention and Grow Your Practice.

Partnering with Medicare Doctors Direct is a no cost, no risk opportunity that benefits you, your practice, and your patients.

Becoming a Medicare Doctors Direct partner not only increases your patient retention and simplifies post-Medicare transition care, but also equips your practice with valuable educational resources. Our licensed Sunnyside Medicare agents provide personalized guidance to your patients, ensuring they get the right coverage for them – and stay within your practice’s network.

Partnering with Medicare Doctors Direct also offers you access to our Medicare Revenue Services which help your staff identify Medicare patients that haven’t taken advantage of all fully-covered Medicare services. These services are then promoted to your patients, creating more revenue opportunities for your practice.
Checkmark Retain your patients when they transition to Medicare.
We increase your Medicare patient retention by helping patients new to Medicare find plans that maintain you as their Provider.
Checkmark Keep your patients for life after retirement.
We work with your patients during Medicare re-enrollment to navigate any changes and ensure they remain your patient year after year.
Checkmark Increase revenue from Medicare-covered services.
With access to our Medicare Revenue Services your practice can take advantage of new service and revenue opportunities with current Medicare patients.

Ongoing Support for Your Practice & Patients

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Personalized Medicare Support
We are always available to your practice and your patients to answer any Medicare questions you have and provide guidance through challenges.
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Staff Medicare Education
We empower your practice with Medicare knowledge by providing in-person training and valuable information resources to provide better patient service.
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Updates on Medicare Changes
Medicare changes happen fast and can cause many disruptions, but we'll work to keep you updated on any changes as soon as they happen so you can be prepared.
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Streamline Staff Processes
We simplify Medicare-related administrative tasks and paperwork so your staff can spend more time focusing on your patients and reduce errors.
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Expedited Prior Authorizations
Our close relationships with carriers makes it possible for us to help expedite prior authorizations so your patients can receive care faster.
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No Cost, No Risk
Our Medicare patient and staff support services come at no cost to you or your patient with no long-term commitment.

We make it EASY to support and retain your Medicare patients.


Your staff identifies patients who are about to turn 65 or looking to renew their Medicare plan.


Your staff provides informational materials and our agent’s contact information to the patient.


Our agent will work with your patient to find a Medicare plan that fits their needs and maintains you as their Provider.


We provide ongoing Medicare support to your patient, ensuring you remain their Provider.

What Doctors Say About Us

I am writing to recommend…Sunnyside Medicare for [their] expertise in the Medicare market. I have [worked with Sunnyside Medicare for over 2 years].

[They have] been able to provide all needed services for my clients with medicare issues, one of the most unique aspects is that these services were provided at no cost to me or the patients with a 100% satisfactory rate.

Tracie N.

“Cindy was very helpful and knowledgeable about the plans. She was able to walk me through the process and let me decide what was best. I would and will recommend them to friends and family.”

Tracie N.

Denise S.

“Just to say that Katie Moore my Insurance Advisor is the best. I had an issue with my drug coverage and Katie took care of it in less than 24 hours. Not only was Katie responsive in a timely manner she was pleasant and understanding. Could not ask for a better Insurance Advisor and wonderful experience.”


Denise S

Jim K.

“I’ve been with John Williams at Sunnyside for two years and plan to renew for another year. I didn’t think I would get an advantage plan but after talking with John and seeing all my options, I was convinced that my current plan is perfect for me and it doesn’t cost me anything!”

Jim K.

Deb K.

“We are new to Medicare and Sandy was my angel. She notified me in advance as to when to start the process. Once the time came she called and got things moving. Sandy stepped me through what I needed to know and was great to work with. I never felt like I was bothering her. I would recommend this agency to anyone moving into Medicare”

Deb K.

Chris C

“I have had Art handling my Medicare coverage since turning 65. He is fantastic to work with and very knowledgeable in his field. I am so impressed with his services that I have referred colleges for work to him.”

Chris C.

Ludd F.

“Hard to find a great resource that has knowledge about Medicare and able to answer any question that I have. Sonny has taken time to understand my needs including my wife and offer us options that have provided us with information so we could choose our best Medicare option. Yearly follow ups, including phone calls to make sure we understand the current Medicare offerings. Hats off to Sonny and Sunnyside Medicare.”

Ludd F.

Nancy K.

“Sandra was very knowledgeable, and thorough. She made sure we had everything we needed, and any discount or extra help possible to assist us financially. We would definitely recommend this company.”

Nancy K.

Caroline J.

“Jason was very professional and took the time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend him.”

Caroline J.

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