Keep Your Patients For Life...Event After Retirement!

Becoming a Medicare Doctors Direct partner not only increases your patient retention and simplifies post-Medicare transition care, but also equips your practice with valuable educational resources. Our licensed Sunnyside Medicare agents provide personalized guidance to your patients, ensuring they get the right coverage for them – and stay within your practice’s network.

Partnering with Medicare Doctors Direct is a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION opportunity that benefits your practice, your patients, and your community. Let us help you simplify Medicare.

How It Works

Retain & Grow Your Medicare Patient Business


Increase Patient Retention

We’ll help you retain patients as they transition into Medicare by ensuring they find a plan within your network before they retire.


Improve Patient Services

Our agents provide personalized assistance and expertise, ensuring you have the support you need every step of the way.


Streamline Processes

We simplify administrative tasks and paperwork so you can spend more time focusing on patient care.


No Cost,
No Obligation

Our services come at no cost to you, so you can access valuable support and resources without any financial burden.

We Support Your Practice & Your Patients

+ Medicare Support

We are always available to your practice and your patients to answer any Medicare questions you have and support you so you can better support your patients.

+ Medicare Education

Our goal is to empower your practice with Medicare knowledge and education. That’s why we work to create educational resource for both your practice and your patients.

+ Timely Updates on Medicare Changes

Medicare changes happen fast and can cause many disruptions, but we’ll work to keep you updated on any changes as soon as they happen so you can be prepared.

+ Expedited Prior Authorizations

Our close relationships with carriers makes it possible for us to help expedite prior authorizations so your patients can receive the care they need.

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Become a Medicare Doctors Direct Partner Today

Simply fill out our online partnership form and you’ll become a Medicare Doctors Direct partner with instant access to our patient toolkit, your dedicated Sunnyside Medicare patient support specialist, and other resources.

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Want to know more about our Medicare Doctors Direct program? We’re here to answer all your questions!

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Have a patient that will be turning 65 soon? We’d be happy to help them find the right plan and remain your patient!

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Patient Resources

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Medicare Enrollment & Eligibility

How to Avoid Medicare Scams

Our Vision & Mission

Born our of Sunnyside Medicare’s commitment to excellence and education, we built Medicare Doctors Direct to extend our personalized approach to Care Providers AND your patients. We believe in bridging the gap between Medicare expertise and you, extending to your patients, and empowering your practice to deliver exceptional patient care.
Our mission is simple: to empower healthcare professionals like you with the knowledge and support you need to navigate the complexities of Medicare with confidence.