Why own a Sunnyside Medicare franchise?

Sunnyside Medicare is making massive strides in the Medicare industry.

The world of Medicare call centers is over-run by National Call Centers, most people agree that endless telemarketing calls are frustrating. And, it can be hard to separate genuine calls from scams.

It’s Time for a Real Change

Sunnyside Medicare is on a mission to change the industry for the better. We’re changing the way agents connect with and help their clients. By combining state-of-the-art technology, quoting software, and enrollment platforms with Michigan-based agents contracted with local and national carriers, our Sunnyside agents are able to prioritize helping and educating clients – above making a sale.

“This isn’t a run-of-the-mill Joe-Namath-Call-Center,” says Sonny Gurney, CEO and founder of Sunnyside Medicare. “Our vision is to help as many individuals navigate the confusing maze of Medicare. Consumer behavior has changed rapidly, which has caused endless and conflicting information to be available online. We prioritize sharing our knowledge with our clients so that their decisions are informed and their health is covered. Anytime they have a problem or question, our clients know they can reach out to us and that we’ll find a solution. We place a strong emphasis on the culture of our work environment, which makes our agents happy and translates to the satisfaction of our clients. We’ve proven that having a vibrant culture, strong marketing strategies, and frequent educational meetings and events, as well as a complete understanding of the industry, is the key to making a profitable business in the Medicare space.”

Demand for Comprehensive Medicare Coverage is on the Rise

According to aarpinternational.org, 10,000 people a day will turn 65 over the next 10 years. That’s a sign that regardless of external factors, a large pool of people need Medicare coverage and could probably use help navigating the process. In reality, this industry functions best by building a relationship with those clients, assessing their needs, and finding solutions.

The demand for agents is higher than ever. With the advent of COVID and the switch to more digital engagement, beneficiaries took to their computers, phones, and tablets to learn more about Medicare plans. Outreach via phone and engagement online to compare plans was up, and there was a 4% increase in beneficiaries who called an insurance agent to help compare plans and insurance companies.

Beneficiaries also sought agent guidance when researching plans. This increase of 6% was most likely due to questions regarding coverage as a result of COVID. We see that other means of researching plans (such as asking a friend or family member) dropped slightly as more beneficiaries sought guidance from an insurance professional. Deft Research also found that beneficiaries who switched their coverage were 3x as likely to reach out to an Agent for assistance than those who did not switch.

Sunnyside Medicare is a Business with Meaning and Purpose

If you’ve ever received an unsolicited call, chances are they’ve gone one of two ways: the person on the other end of the line was a scammer, or they were trying to sell you something on the spot. In terms of the latter, those high-pressure salespeople rarely have a client’s best interest in mind because they’re severely limited in the carriers they can sell – and their clients will likely experience poor customer service once they’ve enrolled because the client will most likely never speak to the initial salesperson again. At the end of the day, their clients are just a number, a faceless consumer being passed around to different \ customer service representatives who have nothing to gain or lose while their customers sit on long hold times.

Sunnyside Medicare wants our clients to be thrilled about their plans and always confident in knowing that they’re making the right decisions for their healthcare. Our agents are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to take the time to find the right plan for a client regardless of their commission.

And once a client connects with an agent, that is their agent for life. They’re always available to speak with, check prescription and doctor coverage, or help change a plan.

“We make our clients feel like a partner throughout the entire process,” Gurney says. “There’s no better feeling than helping a client who really needed you to deliver for them. While the profit potential is enormous, this business is really about helping people. I’ve talked with people who were overwhelmed, scared and uncertain. But Sunnyside was able to come through for them and help them find a plan that meets their needs. That’s what this business is all about: helping people.”

Owning a Medicare Business is Recession-Resistant and Pandemic-Proof

With everything that the nation is going through, entrepreneurs are turning to business opportunities that will allow them to prosper despite what is going on with the rest of the economy.

Sunnyside Medicare is a great franchise to own for this reason: our services will always be needed. When you turn 65, you need to be enrolled in Medicare. It’s as simple as that. With Sunnyside Medicare, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss, and you can help people in your community.

What’s better than that?

Sunnyside offers 100% vesting from day one, no franchise fees, and no 4-8% royalty charge. If you’re already licensed, your only cost is what’s involved with setting up your retail space. Sunnyside Medicare has a brand that can be built upon, and we’re looking for key partners in southeast Michigan.

COVID has presented opportunities to grow due to more enrollment options allowing us to lean on technology (such as Zoom) to complete presentations and enrollments and reach more people.

“Many Agents get into the insurance business but fail quickly because they don’t have a marketing budget or don’t know how to obtain new clients. Here at Sunnyside Medicare, we have already figured out how to build the brand in your area. Through our TV advertising and other strategies such as Facebook ads, Google ads, postcards, etc. – we know how to drive traffic to your office. We currently have the systems in place ready for you to implement in any given area to drive traffic to your retail office. And, we have statistics to back up our marketing methods to ensure your success (as long as you match these efforts with hard work).


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